Vodafone SIM Only deals

Vodafone UK Unlimited GB Data £50 Bundle

Ready for Vodafone UK 5G mobile speed? You can find details about Vodafone UK unlimited mobile internet package. How to get Vodafone unlimited mobile internet and its terms.

Vodafone UK £50 Bundle

Unlimited 5G Data
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
VeryMe Rewards
Roaming in 51 European destinations
with a 25GB data roaming cap

Vodafone UK £50 Bundle

Roam all over Europe

In our Pay as you go Europe Zone, you can use your bundle as freely as you would at home – in 51 destinations. For our Unlimited 5G bundle, roaming data will be capped at 25GB every 30 days in inclusive roaming destinations.

VeryMe Rewards membership

With VeryMe Rewards, you’ll get weekly discounts and giveaways that change over time depending on your interests. To join, you just need to top up a minimum of £10 every 6 weeks.

Add on Extras

When your bundle can’t quite cover you, our range of Extras can. Add more minutes, texts and data, or make calls abroad to friends and family.

My Vodafone app

Keep tabs on your bundle usage and manage your rewards. Plus, it’s quick and easy to download.

Free My Vodafone Application APK UK Download

Vodafone SIM Only deals

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